ERBE Custom Island Design | Exhibitus

7 Deadly Sins to Avoid with Custom Island Design

Choosing the right custom island design for your trade show is an important decision. There are a number of different factors and design elements that can impact your exhibit’s success, for better or for worse. So how do you know which choices could negatively affect your trade show exhibit, and how do you avoid them?…

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Why Engage with Food in a Trade Show Environment | Exhibitus

Why Engage with Food in a Trade Show Environment

Let Them Eat Cake! When it comes to attracting attendees to your custom environment design, one of the easiest ways to draw traffic is by including food and beverage items for your visitors to enjoy while in the exhibit.  Food immediately appeals to at least four-out-of-five physical senses: smell, sight, taste and touch. Some food…

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Reducing Costs Impacts Profitability | Exhibitus

Reducing Costs Impacts Profitability $-for-$

Typically, your company attends trade shows with the expectation of securing leads to increase overall sales.  But often overlooked is the opportunity that trade shows present to save the company money. Here are four top ways to help impact the bottom line at your next trade show. Schedule Value-Add Meetings Having representatives from various areas…

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Emojis that Describe Custom Environment Design | Exhibitus

4 Emojis that Describe Custom Environment Design

When you make an investment in a trade show exhibit, there are a number of important steps to take in order to arrive at the final product. As with any design process, there is a level of emotional investment that goes into the piece being designed. As an event marketer, many of your responsibilities require…

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Four Fun Ways to Turn Your Custom Inline into a Lead Magnet | Exhibitus

4 Fun Ways to Turn Your Inline Exhibit into a Lead Magnet

Whether you’re headed to your very first trade show or you have years of exhibit experience behind you, as an event marketer you’re always looking for ways to boost traffic and increase lead generation. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need an exhibit that attracts the eyes of attendees, while also staying…

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