The Fifth Wall for My Next Custom Inline? | Exhibitus

Should I Worry About “The Fifth Wall” for My Next Custom Inline? 

When you think about your custom inline design, you are mostly concerned with the style of the furniture, the layout of the design, and how well it will advertise your company at the trade show. But one thing you may not have considered is how your choice of flooring can impact how attendees perceive your…

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Design Trends for Island Displays in 2016 | Exhibitus

Design Trends for Island Displays in 2016

Having an eye-catching design is one of the most effective ways to reach an audience of thousands in a short period of time. By utilizing popular design trends for your island display, you’ll maximize your time on the convention show floor and make your experience a profitable one. Here are a few big trends in…

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Appeal to Trade Attendees' 5 Senses | Exhibitus

How to Appeal to Your Attendees’ Five Senses with Your Next Custom Island Display

Using a custom island display for your trade show exhibition is a savvy marketing tactic. Making sure that environment appeals to your attendees’ five senses is the next step if you want to increase foot traffic to your exhibit and acquire more business as a result. Here are a few tactics you can use in…

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LED-Lit Background | Finding the Best Lighting Solution for Your Custom Environment | Exhibitus

Finding the Best Lighting Solution for Your Custom Environment Design

Architectural style, visual language and artwork can set a mood, provide an atmosphere and set the stage to tell a story. Environmental designers use these elements to encourage conversation, education and make a lasting impact in exhibit spaces. But without one of the most essential elements of this checklist, things can fall flat in a…

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Molnlycke | Island Exhibit | Exhibitus

Why You Should Invest in Custom Booth Displays

Thousands of companies participate in trade shows every year. They all share one common goal: to attract the interest of attendees, generating leads for their sales team and ultimately have a positive impact to the bottom line. But consider the experience on the trade show floor from the attendee’s point of view. Picture yourself as…

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